Rafiki Collaborative

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About Us

The Rafiki Collaborative is a Chicago-based non-profit organization working to promote holistic health and well-being of communities in Kenya. This organization mission statement is:

To build the capacity of organizations and institutions that promote the health and well-being of Kenyan communities through collaborative education, training and service.

Core Values:

1. Shared Participation and Responsibility - We strive to ensure that all parties are equal participants in achieving mutually agreed upon goals and are equally responsible for their respective contributions.

2. Respect for Community and Culture - We value a spectrum of local experiences and expertise and honor the right to self-determination within that context.

3. Social Justice - We promote education as a human right and as a means to achieving a healthy life; no one should be denied access to health-related services or education.

4. Strengths-Based and Solutions-Focused - We strengthen organizations by building upon their unique assets to enrich their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

5. Promote Independence - We foster long-term viability by nurturing organizations to be self-supporting and sustainable.