Movement for Israeli Urbanism


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About Us

Green Zionism is the dream of Israel as an environmentally sustainable Jewish homeland. At the Movement for Israeli Urbanism, though, we know that protecting only the natural environment is not enough.

92% of Israel’s population lives in towns and cities. Most of these are sprawling settlements, and their community and commercial centers are failing. Israel already has one of the lowest ratios of open space per person – ranked 9th in the world.

To realize the Green Zionist dream, Israel must change policy and practice addressing cities and towns – the built environment.

We, the members of "MIU"- the Movement for Israeli Urbanism, strive to improve the quality of urban life in Israel and actively promote the development of sustainable and humane urban environments in Israel.

In order to improve the quality of living in Israel, while contributing to the global sustainability effort, MIU promotes quality urban environments that are compact, vibrant, provide many opportunities and potential uses, and leverage public space as the foundation of community life. We achieve this by:

Changing public policies regarding urban planning Changing urban planning processes Creating awareness and developing and disseminating knowledge

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