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About Us

25:40 - Saving Africa's Orphans is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities save orphaned and vulnerable children in the often overlooked rural areas of southern Africa. Becoming involved with 25:40 puts you at the center of ending the cycle of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and increasing violence affecting children in South Africa. Help us make an impact one child at a time.

25:40 supports the orphan children of rural South Africa in providing academic support, skills training, health care, nutrition, and advocacy in a comprehensive after-school program. The 25:40 Aftercare Program was set up to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in the Canzibe community through a set of important goals. These include, but are not limited to:

  • To provide children with a safe and secure place to come and receive emotional/psychological support.
  • To provide children with tutoring and assistance with their school work, and to ensure that they are completing their school assignments and homework properly.
  • To provide children with a healthy meal.
  • To provide children with additional teaching and training in the particular areas of English, Life Skills, Arts and Crafts, and Gardening/Practical Skills.
  • To monitor individual children on a daily basis for particular health, emotional, or educational needs, and to meet those needs or assist the children’s caretakers in meeting those needs.