Center for Transforming Communities

  • Tennessee


258 North Merton Street
United States

About Us

Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) engages, equips, and mobilizes individuals, organizations, and congregations to be agents of holistic transformation in their neighborhoods. We aspire to see all neighborhoods in Memphis be places where everyone is appreciated and valued, where neighbors come together across racial or class divisions to form relationships of trust and support, and where everyone shares the power to shape the positive changes they seek for their communities. CTC’s approach to creating this type of healthy and resilient neighborhood is built on these four assumptions: 1) Memphis neighborhoods, no matter how distressed, are full of assets than can be used to affect change; 2) An asset-based, bottom-up approach to community development is the best way to create sustainable, transformational change in neighborhoods; 3) Neighborhood stakeholders must define and shape their own neighborhoods; 4) This work requires a change in the mindset of both neighborhood stakeholders and the community-at large, as well as a change in the approaches and activities used to strengthen neighborhoods.