ABC Public Charter School - Washington, DC

  • DC


1501 Columbia Road NW
United States

About Us

Our Mission ABC will graduate adept learners, effective communicators, and community leaders who are culturally aware and prepared to use their academic skills and bilingual proficiency to succeed in rigorous high schools, post-secondary education, and society.

Our Core Beliefs At ABC we believe that: All children can learn and achieve academically; All children can learn to communicate effectively in their native language and in another language; All children can contribute to their school and their community; Families and communities are critical components of children's education; Effective communication skills empower students to become engaged in their education and community; Dual language education improves students' academic performance, cultural awareness, self-esteem, and sense of self; Bilingualism provides practical skills and opportunities for children; Dual language education provides a point of entry for families to become involved in their children's education; and, Community involvement is central to educational success and school success is central to community development.