Do What You Love, Inc.

  • NY


11 Gates Avenue, Apt 11G
United States

About Us


To empower individuals to realize their full potential.

Core Values:

Innovation, Collaboration, Efficiency


A world driven by passion.

Who We Are:

Do What You Love is an organization focused on seeking opportunities to maximize and monetize passion.

What We Do:

Do What You Love specializes in creating opportunities for individuals to experience events which assist them in defining their passions in life.

Why We Care:

In today’s world, many individuals are looking for a career path. In most cases, these searches are focused on the greatest financial yield rather than the greatest fulfillment yield. We believe that those who are able to identify their passions and hone their skills are able to make careers doing what they love. We would like to take note of what works for these successful people and bring that knowledge to the masses.