RUN Nepal

About Us

Rise up the Nation, Nepal has been abbreviated as RUN Nepal. In Nepali, it is Deslai Mathi Uthaau. It is a youth led and youth run, non-profitable and non-political organization. It works for informing, empowering and involving people for their betterments.

RUN Nepal has been registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) at the Kathmandu Central District office (CDO) located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The registration No. of RUN Nepal is 443 dated 2064 Ashwin 23 (October 10, 2007). It also has been affiliated from Social Welfare Council (SWC), Lainchor; Kathmandu, Nepal. The affiliation No. of RUN Nepal to SWC is 23757 dated in 2064 Kartik 20 (November 06, 2007). At present, the office of RUN Nepal is located at Nayabazar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

It works to develop the nation in all its aspects. It works for both areas-rural and urban. It promotes Oppressed groups, Woman, Indigenous nationalities, Dalit (‘untouchable caste’) and Madhesi.

To begin this mission, we are starting by forming a team for regular activity in different places. It works for the conservation of historical, cultural and religious places. It also works for finding social problems by doing research, especially qualitative research. Such works will finally become the superlative to the nation, and will successful to give the adjective to the nation-”Developed Nepal.”