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"We stand by as children starve by the millions, because we lack the will to eliminate hunger. Yet we've found the will to develop missiles capable of flying over the polar cap and landing within a few feet of their target. This is not innovation. It is a profound distortion of humanity's purpose on Earth."-Former Senator Mark Hatfield

We know that creating political will is something not many people know how to do, so we train and support people to create political will with their members of Congress, the media, and their communities. We need voices in Arkansas now as the only way we'll end AIDS, end preventable child deaths, arrest diseases of poverty, get all kids in school, and ensure everyone has access to economic opportunity is by having people like you and I educating our members of Congress on these poverty solutions and urging them to act on them.

Want to learn how you can get involved? Contact Katy Windschill at (770) 899-3580 or