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About Us

CEDAR Foundation is a Vancouver, (Canada) based charitable organization which is focussed on providing educational opportunuties to needy and deserving students in Kenya, South Africa, Mexico and the US. We run our own scholarship programs in those countries as well as assisting other groups to provide secondary and post-secondary education to the students they serve. It is through education that the most doors of opportunity will open for these disadvantaged youth.

All funding is provided by CEDAR Foundation. It does not seek or receive any monies from individuals, groups, governments or agencies of governments.

CEDAR Foundation is not associated or affiliated with any political party nor any church or religious organization. Also, CEDAR Foundation will not consider partnering with any political or religious organization.

CEDAR Foundation will consider proposals related to educating the disadvantaged from México, Africa and America. However, the Foundation is highly selective and prefers to develop programs and to partner with only a small group of organizations and to do so in a significant way.