Break Diving Inc.

  • New York


12 Puritan Drive
Port Chester
New York
United States

About Us

Break Diving is the lost art of finding and creating opportunity. Instead of waiting for opportunities to float to the surface, break divers dive right in to the cold, icy, shark-infested waters of resistance and find and make their own breaks. We offer a huge number of programs that help people feel good about themselves, find happiness and friendship, and reach and sustain success.

Break Diving is a business, and it's also a charity. Given those unique qualities, we offer both paid services to clients at various tiers, as well as free services to those who are strapped for cash. For example, regarding our coaching services, those who have money to invest are able to choose which coach they want, and receive an assignment more quickly. Those who utilize our free coaching services will still receive the assistance they seek, but the client may not choose who we assign, and the client will be placed on a waiting list until a qualified volunteer is available. Our volunteer coaches and paid coaches have the same required training and qualifications. We offer both free and paid options so that we truly uphold our mission of helping everyone worldwide succeed, regardless of resources.