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About Us

ACE's mission is to educate high school students on the science behind climate change and inspire them to take action to curb global warming.

ACE is committed to building a generational shift to solve climate change. We translate this lofty goal into tangible work through the ACE leadership ladder. By starting with education and small actions before moving up to major projects, ACE grooms leaders who are influencing peers and leading change.

  1. We begins by introducing students to the basics of climate science through our award-winning multimedia assembly.
  2. Next, we encourage students to share a DOT, or a pledge to Do One Thing to help the environment and cool the climate.
  3. We help motivated students take the next step by starting Action Teams to kickstart carbon-cutting projects at school.
  4. We offer rigorous half-day leadership trainings on organization and planning for students eager to turbocharge their projects and lead teams.
  5. Field Correspondents share their thoughts and projects on the ACE blog.
  6. Youth Reps influence peers, leaders and politicians through persuasive speeches and presentations on climate change, policies and projects.
  7. The Youth Advisory Board actively consults on all ACE programs.

The story of Shreya Indukuri and Daniela Lapidous epitomizes our philosophy. In two years, they went from passive students at an ACE assembly to Your Advisory Board members who advised Energy Secretary Steven Chu on their smartmeter project that reduced their school's electric bill by 13%.

Learn their story, and many more, on the ACE blog.