Ancora of Hope Organization

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About Us

Ancora of Hope Organization (ANCHOR) is a local NGO which thinks globally. It was established by an Italian and a Ghanaian representatives with the aim of working to improve the life of beneficiaries n in very poor communities through accessible education, hygiene and health care seminars, economic orientation, teaching of civic practices and developing of positive new mindset to make our humble society fit for living.

  • Creating new positive mindset by tearing down all stereotypes and prejudices;
  •  Giving opportunities to all generation to improve their knowledge through better education;
  • Help virtuous people to exhibit their talents;
  • To reduce any kind of discriminations among individuals;
  •  To eradicate all negative conservatism among societies.


  • To give formal and informal education to all;
  •  To guarantee fundamental rights;
  • To operate in the needy communities, both rural and urban (health care, education and skill training);
  • To fight against domestic violence of any kind.