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About Us

Orphfund works within remote communities in some of the world's poorest countries. Our projects aim to reach out to vulnerable children who have been abandoned or orphaned and help provide them with shelter, education, care and support.



  • Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty
  • Achieve Universal Primary Education
  • Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
  • Reduce Child Mortality
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability
  • Develop a Global Partnership for Development
  • Help children worldwide to live a life that they want, away from poverty and deprivation.
  • Provide support and guidance
  • Create Children's Villages that provide shelter, education, basic needs and health care
  • Bring opportunities to children by providing training and skills for jobs
  • Raise global awareness of the issues facing abandoned and orphaned children
  • Form partnerships with local people and existing local organisations
  • To operate with efficiency with donations we receive
  • To promote and create an organisation that is recognised for its effectiveness and its direct approach.


At Orphfund, we want to make charity giving an empowering and rewarding experience. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to give and know that their donation will make a difference. We guarantee that giving to Orphfund is as direct a way as you can find to help children living in poverty.

All too often these days we hear of story after story of "Bad Aid" and constantly see ineffective practices from many of the NGO's who appear to be more concerned with operating as big businesses and have forgotten their original charitable goals. Constantly on our projects we see brand new land-cruisers gliding around without a purpose, we hear of million dollar offices, large fat-cat salaries, we see employees of the large charities dining in the best restaurants, staying in the best hotels and flying in first class.

It doesn't stop there, fundraising budgets run into the millions and are spent regardless of what kind of returns they receive. Any charity using face to face fundraising, TV adverts, paper ads, are spending money they should be spending on eradicating the problems of poverty.

Is this really where our donations should go? Or should they be directed to community empowering projects that enable people living in poverty to stand up for themselves and break the cycle of poverty?

Orphfund was started by NGO workers who believed that the big charities were getting it wrong and who felt sickened by the waste they saw when employed by them. Many of us have become sceptical to give at all, but we can all make a difference if we choose to give to the right cause, with the right beliefs. That cause is Orphfund.


  • We create sustainable, empowering community centres in areas of great need.
  • A typical Orphfund project sees us develop a village within a village. We build traditional homes, primary schools, secondary schools, training centres, install water pumps, solar power and establish gardens and farms.
  • Our projects are often located in remote villages where aid, support and facilities for vulnerable children are lacking. This ensures we are helping children in great need and providing opportunities to communities for the very first time.
  • We run a thorough and detailed registration and interview process that involves the local community, together we work to make sure we help children in the most extreme need.
  • Each program is given a 2 year target to reach a self-sustaining level. Investment in farming and local enterprise allows locals to find employment as well as have ownership towards the success and longevity of the project.
  • We offer an intimate approach. We know the names of all the children we help, we know their needs and we regularly return to ensure improvements and standards are being met.

Pre-project visits are an essential precursor before we begin a partnership with a community. At this point, we assess existing local facilities, run interviews and develop plans and friendships. We feel this allows us to work in a partnership of trust and equality.

Orphfund works within remote communities in some of the world's poorest countries. Our projects aim to reach out to vulnerable children who have been abandoned or orphaned and help provide them with shelter, education, care and support…

Issue Areas Include

  • Education
  • Volunteering


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