Ceres Community Project

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7351 Bodega Avenue
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About Us

We build healthy communities by restoring whole, organic and locally grown food to its place as the foundation of health, empowering young people, and connecting all of us in heart-centered ways to one another and the earth.

Our work:

  • Improves treatment outcomes, reduces health care costs and builds better long-term health by providing nourishing organic meals to people with serious illness along with nutrition education and the caring support of the community;
  • Empowers a generation of healthy, engaged leaders by placing youth at the center of the organization as gardeners and chefs growing organic food and preparing nourishing whole foods meals for our clients, and by helping them develop the life skills and empathy they need to thrive;
  • Strengthens social relationships and sense of purpose – keys to longer and healthier lives – by engaging thousands of community members as volunteers and donors and creating authentic opportunities for connection and caring;
  • Increases consumption of whole, organic and locally grown foods to strengthen the health of people, local food systems, and the planet through community involvement, education and modeling.

Ceres Community Project was founded in 2007 and is based in Sebastopol, CA. In addition to operating three program sites in Marin and Sonoma counties, Ceres has trained thirteen communities nationally to replicate our model. We are also active at the state and national level in advocating for policies that support equitable access to healthy food and health care, including reimbursement for medically tailored meals by insurers.