Adaptive Behavioral Health, Inc

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About Us

Science and Public Health: Be Part of a movement to get neuroscience out of the lab and into daily life..

We turn neuroscience into Public Health...ABH - Adaptive Behavioral Health currently working with an Anxiety Reduction and Prevention Programs for equal access to address the epidemic of chronic stress.  Chronic stress causes the development of behavioral adaptations such as snacking, over sleeping, drinking and many more so that the signals for stress are lowered and potentially ignored.  Stress registers in the brain and body without amelioration and can cause overload of stimulant hormones. 

ABH is collecting data through multiple site studies in the New York City area. We are extending these programs to other community and family based issues such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, pregnancy  at the community level community.

Overview of the Prepare for Stress and HUMAN Programs:

 Education based behavioral directions for awareness and management of the stress.

  • Provide a clear step by step process to address stress and anxiety cause/ effect  /symptoms.
  • Create resilience to stress by learning individual life practices in the real environment.
  • Prevent higher levels of stress which interfere with other abilities to use resources.

Your work with our organization would include:

  • Introduce the program to the community.
  • Development of local distribution in doctor's offices and clinics.

ABT will provide volunteer group leaders with training and information to coordinate with the staff and run student groups.