African Centre For Global Trends

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About Us

Our Vision: We envision a transformed African continent where opportunities are greatly maximized, African initiatives acknowledged and respected.

Our Mission: africglot is a resource and capacity building centre aimed at propagating African initiative, provide strategic insights and policy solutions to African decision/policy makers. It will partner with international/regional institutions, the private sector, and civil society in seeking solutions forAfrica’s development and policy matters.

As a resource centre AFRICGLOT seeks to create a forum where government and development agencies, business sector, international and regional Institutions will have easy access to professional advice.

(africglot) provides the platform for diverse agencies to deliberate on trending issues bordering on development, good governance, conflicts, human rights and migration. We partner with Internationally operating organisations to exchange views and ideas on these issues

The Corporate head office of the African Centre for Global Trends is locate inAbujaNigeriawith branches inGhana,Cameroon, Kenya Nederland andGermany.

What we offer:

  1. * We provide the platform for various views to meet in dialogue, debate and exchange of ideas on issues bordering on development, conflict, good governance, human right and migration. #* We provide opportunity for trainings, conferences, workshops/seminars and other capacity building initiatives on the issues mentioned above. #* We enhance exchange of information among different stakeholder inAfricain meeting the demand for open, scholarly and genuine dialogue on African trending issues. #* We engage and participate in research and search for best solutions to African problems. #* We offer opportunity and provide the platform to improve the quality of national and international network with civil society organizations. #* We offer government/non-government agencies with strategic policy instruments. #* We take active part in development projects in Africa by providing consultancy services to development agencies inAfrica #* We partner with development agencies to design, implement, manage, monitor and supervise development projects inAfrica.

AFRICGLOT has created a large network to co-operate with other centres on issues of strategic importance. We partner with universities, scholars, students and entrepreneurs to share opinions and exchange ideas on African pressing issues and initiatives on:

Strategic Policy and Analysis on Development

Scholarly advice, conferences/workshops and trainings on Conflict Resolution

Policy Instruments on Good Governance & Democracy

Capacity building on issues of Migration

Open information on issues of Human Rights

Africglot has reputable officers and partners with cognate experience in policy analysis and advise, research, trainings and enlightenment programmes..