ThYck Troupe Organization, NFP

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454 N. Peterson Road
United States

About Us

Our MISSION is multifaceted:

(+) To train, mentor, inspire and empower full-figured women pursuing careers in the performing arts;

(+) To promote size acceptance while educating and encouraging members toward healthier life choices and habits;

(+) To provide performance showcase opportunities in a wide spectrum of artistic genres;

(+) To foster relationships with like-minded performing arts, wellness and women's empowerment organizations across the country.


It was recognized that many plus size individuals were feeling a deficit in their abilities to confidently share their artistic talents with the public, due to fears of rejection, lack of proper training and a lack of experience.

Therefore, we exist to promote and encourage diversity in the arts as it applies to reversing societal stigmas and combating biased physical judgments of the “plus-sized” within the professional arts industry. Our performance art, whether live concerts, stage plays, spoken word sessions, fashion exhibitions or documentary filmmaking - are designed to educate the public on the endless possibilities of art, by showcasing an under-represented and often criticized “plus-size” demographic.

We encourage the cultivation of an expanded arts community for plus size artists by providing access to a variety of lectures, workshops, mentorships, industry showcases, body image seminars and discussion forums.These tools assist members in perfecting their individual crafts, draw aspiring artists from surrounding communities together, promote collaborations with like-minded organizations, and encourage healthier living.

Through this organization, multiple artistic showcases occur each year, with all communities invited to partake in the festivities for the public good. We have no age limit, and are both ethnically & socioeconomically diverse.