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About Us

Mentorville was founded to assist youngsters with their educational and career choices by exposing them to professionals in the working world. We will do this by matching them with a volunteer in their field of interest who will serve as an example of what hard work, determination, and planning for the future can accomplish. The youngsters that will participate in our program will come to us by referrals from teachers, guidance counselors, and relationships we have established with other youth service organizations. We will also target areas that have been found to have a lower percentage of students completing high school and/or going on to a higher level of education, such as a trade school or college. A key component of our mentoring program and what makes us unique is that the exchanges and interaction between mentors and mentees will take place online. We have identified an under-utilized population of qualified, caring individuals who, because of personal and professional obligations, cannot commit to face-to-face mentoring, but use email frequently, at work and at home. Our mentors can provide guidance and suggestions with regards to education, career development, and valuable insight to life after high school. We see online mentoring as a way to create vital and meaningful connections where there were none, improve the technical and communication skills of youngsters, and provide a way for busy individuals to give back. We believe if you increase the methods and avenues by which people can volunteer, you will assuredly increase the level of volunteerism. For more information on Mentorville and ways you can help please visit our website at