King Hope, Inc

  • CT


East Hartford
United States

About Us

Our mission is to solely provide quality services and implement an array programs that will meet the needs of the many individuals we service. From the youth that will lead our futures, to the elderly which have lead our past.

We intend to accomplish this mission by incorporating performing arts programs and mentoring for our youth. By implementing these programs we hope to see a decline pre-teen and teen pregnancy and growth is high school and college graduates.

We plan to implement Respite care programs for autistic and disabled youth so that we may allow the parents and guardian to take care of their mental and physical beings. We hope this program will provide them with the “Me time” they need to regroup and relieve stress.

We also have programs that will provide respite care to elderly adults. The goal of this program is to provide the elderly companionship and give them the non medical assistance they may need at home.

Our goal is to continue to support our community and implement new strategies to allow individuals to grow internally and find their true happiness.

“The future of Success starts within”