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About Us

The Conrad Foundation is a non-profit, 501.c.3 organization built upon astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad's history of innovation and entrepreneurship. Pete Conrad’s accomplishments spanned three decades of manned space flight. Although Pete passed away in 1999, his legacy continues through the Conrad Foundation's rich programs that combine science, education, and entrepreneurship in a revolutionary model of incentivized competition.

A prestigious high school expelled young Pete Conrad because he couldn’t read or spell. They didn’t recognize dyslexia at that time. In a new school, a perceptive headmaster saw Pete's spark of genius and gave him the confidence he needed. Pete went on to earn a scholarship to Princeton and a ride to the moon as Commander of Apollo 12.

As an explorer and entrepreneur, Pete founded four companies to work on the commercialization of space travel -- so one day all of us might have the chance to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.

In Pete’s honor, the Conrad Foundation gives talented young students their moon shot. By providing students the opportunity to design, develop, and commercialize innovative products using science and technology that solve 21st century problems, we connect the most creative students with real-world entrepreneurial ventures.

We invite you to join us in helping these students design the future.