Communion Christian Academy

  • IL


6201 South LaBrea Avenue
United States

About Us

Communion Christian Academy is a Pre-K through 5th grade private Christian school founded in 1990 by Dr. Noble Henson and his wife, Ethel Henson, as a unique alternative to public education in the Los Angeles area.

Communion Christian Academy is comprised of two campuses. The Slauson Campus accommodates the Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten pupils and the LaBrea Campus accommodates the 1st through 5th grade students.

Communion Christian Academy is recognized by the Accreditation Body of the Association of Christian Schools International (A.C.S.I.) and has received official recognition by the Los Angeles County Board of Education and the California State Board of Education.

Communion Christian Academy operates on a non-profit basis and is supported entirely by monthly fees and donations. The fee structure is kept at the lowest amount possible, without compromising the quality of the curriculum and services provided. Therefore, increases to the fee structure occur if/when the school’s operating costs increases. We accept Crystal Stairs.