Thai Freedom House

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Chiang Mai

About Us

Thai Freedom House's mission is to provide opportunities for displaced peoples that have slipped through the cracks of society; living almost invisibly around us.

They are Refugees from war torn countries, Indigenous People who have been denied basic human rights and those who are impoverished and crushed by their societies' demands.

We educate, train, nurture and inspire them to make the most of their circumstances in life by showing them how to locate and use the resources available to them, within themselves and their communities.

Goals in Thailand:

  • To shed some light on the plight of refugees from Burma and Indigenous People from Thailand by providing community and international education about their situation using the interface of our cafe and website.
  • To locate and share resources through a network for information about education, health care, job training, Refugee registration and basic housing for Refugees and Indigenous People in Thailand.
  • To run a language program dedicated to creating multiple literacy in our target population. They are taught how to read and write in the national language of their country of residence; Thailand, (Thai) English to further their chances of getting a job and extending their education in the future and Shan (the indigenous language of most of our students) to help preserve their culture and maintain pride in where they come from.
  • To bring the arts to the Refugee and Indigenous population with visiting artists and community projects, building bridges between the diverse communities living in Thailand and the world and encourage self expression and confidence building.