Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish and Island Counties, Washington

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P.O. Box 839
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About Us

The mission of the Dispute Resolution Center is to provide quality dispute resolution services and education to all members of the community.

These services include mediation, arbitration, facilitation, conciliation and consultation for the following types of cases:

+ Family Issues + Workplace + Neighborhood + Landlord/Tenant + Business/Consumer + Others

The Dispute Resolution Center also provides quality conflict resolution training in the following areas:

+ Basic Mediation Training + Family Mediation Training + Workplace Conflict Management + School Mediation Training + Large Group Facilitation + Customized Workshops + An extensive Mediator Practucum leading to certification.

The Dispute Resolution Center provides additional services to District, Superior and Juvenile courts. The District court refers small claims cases; the Superior court refers family and parenting cases; the Juvenile court refers At-Risk-Runaway-Youth and other youth cases.