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About Us


Encourage, Employ and Empower young blind adults with life-changing career opportunities leading to economic self-sufficiency, inclusion and independence.


Ability Beyond Sight, (ABS) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit  organization committed to empowering young blind adults to achieve self-sustaining independence through career advancement as  licensed massage therapists.

ABS has created opportunity within the ever booming “wellness industry” where individuals who are blind, are an incredible resource of untapped potential in which they have been trained worldwide for centuries; proving to be gifted in the art and science of massage therapy.  

ABS is an ambitious model of action; bringing the largest pool of unemployed Americans fully within the scope of  opportunity.  In 2014, Ability Beyond Sight was featured online Massage Magazine as a “Groundbreaking Nonprofit” and most recently received the 2015 Bergen County Salute to Champions honoring individuals who demonstrate a commitment to  Inclusion and Changing Attitudes.

ABS seeks to challenge the limits of what is deemed possible for young blind adults and strives for a “no-boundaries” quality of life; promoting equal access to integrated employment. There is strength in collaboration –Change cannot happen without the active involvement, support and cooperation of others. Together we can successfully achieve lasting economic & social freedom for young blind adults.

Ability Beyond Sight is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of its communities while supporting career  advancement for blind individuals.