Jesus Care Children Ministry

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10715 E. 27th Avenue
Spokane Valley
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About Us

Our mission at Jesus Care Children Ministry, is to reach out to children in need, with clothing, education, medical and food programs, as we share the love of Jesus with them. Our aim is to help them grow up, to be good Christian adults that would desire to also reach out to others in need.

Since the summer of 2012, JCCM has put on many food programs, along with a schooling program in Pakistan. Last August, of 2012, we put on a young people's program and fed over 300 young people, while speaking to them about drugs and smoking. There were several skits put on at the program, along with special speakers, to help encourage the young people. Following this program, we put on three Christmas programs and helped to provide food and gifts, for around 300 children, who otherwise would not have had a Christmas and after a bad fire in Pakistan, where around 160 Christian homes were burnt to the ground; we provided food, to help sustain the people there. The next program we sponsored, was an Easter food program, where we fed and shared the love of Jesus, with 200 children and just recently, we provided school supplies, for a boys home in Pakistan.

At this time, we have an Annual Agenda set up, with several other programs that we are working on for the remainder of 2013. We are a small organization and a young organization but JCCM has greatly grown within the past year and it's our desire to eventually reach out to many other countries of the world, as a means of helping many children in need.