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About Us

Friends Rehabilitation Program, Inc. (FRP) provides housing, related facilities and services for the elderly, special needs residents, families, and homeless persons on a non-profit basis. The organization is committed to the Quaker principle that focuses upon developing communities by affirming and nurturing the best we can find in each of us.

The organization seeks to help each individual achieve his or her full potential by assisting them to overcome the barriers that keep them from achieving this goal. Primary among these barriers is the lack of a safe and decent place to live and to raise one's family. FRP helps families and individuals overcome these barriers by developing, owning and managing safe, decent and affordable housing throughout the City of Philadelphia. The organization owns and/or manages affordable housing in the Belmont, Poplar, Francisville, and Strawberry Mansion areas of the City. The organization's Real Estate Developments range from Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly to housing developed under the Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program. Recognizing that homeownership is critical to helping the individual obtain his or her full potential, the organization has expanded its housing development activities to include the development of affordable homeownership housing in the Belmont and Strawberry Mansion communities.

FRP recognizes that there are a myriad of other impediments in addition to the lack of safe, decent and affordable housing that prevent a person from achieving his/her full potential. FRP works in conjunction with the City of Philadelphia and other community based organizations to provide access to Neighborhood Services to help eliminate these barriers. FRP administers Transitional Housing Program for the City of Philadelphia that provides services for the homeless.

Along with developing new housing and providing neighborhood services, the organization's mission also includes the management of its own safe, decent and affordable housing, as well as the management of such housing for other owners. The organization's Property Management staff is dedicated to managing property in a cost efficient and resident-oriented fashion. The organization recognizes that a safe, decent and affordable place to live is one of the main building blocks to help a person to achieve his/her full potential.