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About Us

The Jane Goodall Institute is a global nonprofit organization founded in 1977 by Dr.. Goodall, who works for the empowerment of citizens to act in favor of a more just and sustainable world, with special attention and respect for other living beings. Based on the scientific work and humanitarian vision of Dr. Jane Goodall, the objectives of the IJG global focus on: 

Research-the noninvasive chimpanzees and other primates in their natural habitats, and also to improve their captivity; 

-The education and public awareness, through various initiatives such as the environment program Roots & Shoots (Roots & Shoots), with more than 17,000 groups in 130 countries, which encourages young people to act in the protection of living beings and promoting understanding among all cultures; 

-The conservation of the species and the environment, through sustainable development of African local communities (sustainable agriculture, scholarships, reforestation, family planning workshops, microcredit, health facilities, water wells, fair trade, among other ), providing alternatives to destructive practices such as poaching, wildlife trafficking, deforestation, pollution and mismanagement of resources.