Good Friends Centre

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About Us

The “Good Friends Centre” is being established in Mae Sot on 14th November 2006 as a branch of “Pree Char Yan Foundation under royal Thai government” to address the needs of Burmese migrant populations in the area, especially focusing on the social and educational needs for vulnerable migrants’ children.

All services provided are free of charge and are available to all migrants regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background. All programs are provided in a cooperative manner and with the approval of the government of the Kingdom of Thailand. It is not affiliated with any political parties.

“Good Friends Centre” (former known as NCCM -Mae Sod Branch) is recognized as one of the top organizations working for Burmese migrant education in Mae Sod and Phop Phra Areas and Karen State of Burma (Myanmar). GFC has been expanded four programs; which are as follows;

1) Sustainable development projects

2) Community mobilization

3) Adult- education for Thai-language course and

4) School within School of Thai-integrated Program

The Objectives and goals of Good Friends Centre (GFC)


(b) To create education opportunities for migrant children.

(c) To achieve moral development with good character and good behavior

(d) To teach moral values, principles and ethics for their communities.

(e) To promote the children's skills and knowledge.

(f) To achieve self-reliance with good discipline and self-confidence

(g) To keep them away from the lure of indecent work and drug trafficking

(h) To empower them to take part in community development activities

(i) To respect human dignity and values

(j) To love justice and the values of human rights


(a) To provide migrant children education opportunities

(b) To learn moral values, principles and ethnics to live in decent manners.

(c) To preserve Burmese culture, traditions, and have an understanding for others'.

(d) To promote the role of women and children’s rights.

(e) To give humanitarian assistance to neglected children.

(f) To upgrade the standard of migrant education and living conditions