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About Us

Musawah (‘Equality’ in Arabic) is a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family.

Musawah was launched in February 2009 to address the compelling need for individuals and groups working in Muslim contexts to come together to share strategies, build scholarship, and promote best practices to advance the rights of Muslim women.

We seek to reclaim the spirit of equality and justice within Islam, which we see as compatible with international human rights standards. We highlight women’s realities and amplify women’s voices. We show injustices arising from customs and laws that take their legitimacy from particular readings of Islam’s sacred texts. We offer new understandings of Muslim jurisprudence, laws, and practices that are responsive to the well-being of all family members and in harmony with Islamic teachings and human rights principles.

Musawah declares that equality, justice, fairness and dignity are necessary and possible in Muslim family law and practice today.