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About Us

ARCAS, Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association, is a Guatemalan nonprofit NGO, founded in 1989. Its main objective is rescuing, rehabilitating and conserving wildlife and its natural habitat in Guatemala. This is accomplished by means of 4 different programs:

1. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (Peten): Endangered species (spider monkeys, scarlet macaws, margays, etc.) confiscated from smugglers are rehabilitated and then reintroduced into the Mayan Biosphere Reserve. Also environmental education.

2. Environmental education and interpretation center (Peten): 0.5 km interpretive trail and center located nest to the rescue center.

3. Sea Turtle Conservation Center (Pacific Coast): Sea turtle, crocodile and iguana conservation, research, environmental education, mangrove conservation

4. Central Office (Guatemala City) Environmental education, networking and fundraising, eco-tours for disadvantaged children