Mid-City CAN (Community Advocacy Network)

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PO Box 12319
San Diego
United States

About Us

Mid-City CAN is a community collaborative of hundreds of nonprofit agencies, residents of City Heigths, parents, youth, businesses, schools, and religious institutions, workig togther in the San Diego comunity of City Heights.

Mid-City CAN’s mission is to create a safe, productive, and healthy community through collaboration, advocacy, and organizing. Mid-City CAN envisions a City Heights where:

  • People are safe from harm
  • Education supports families and career development
  • Youth and adult residents are leaders
  • Food is accessible, nutritious, and culturally appropriate
  • Housing is healthy and affordable
  • Health services are accessible, people-centered, and high quality
  • Land use is equitable and supports healthy lifestyles

Fiscal sponsor: Mission Edge San Diego