Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria

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About Us

About the Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria, Inc. (ADAVIC)

Founded in 1994 and incorporated in 1999. ADAVIC seeks to assist people who suffer from Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Generalised Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression.

ADAVIC provides: • Support groups offering friendship, encouragement and recovery management. • A telephone support line and information service that operates Tuesday to Friday. • Regular lectures, seminars and workshops held throughout the year. • An online book store. • Referral service to therapists specialising in anxiety disorders. • An in-depth quarterly newsletter. • Information & support for carers. • Website providing free resources. • Online discussion board.

Our Aims are to: • Reassure people that they are not alone in their distress and that assistance is available. • Provide a friendly and supportive environment where people can share their feelings and experiences with fellow sufferers. • Challenge and encourage people to overcome their fears by providing support group meetings and group activities. • Provide low cost courses and workshops that deal with a variety of issues for anxiety sufferers. • Organise regular lectures by guest speakers, providing information on the different therapies and treatments that are currently available. • Promote awareness, and destigmatise anxiety disorders in the general community.

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