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OMNUM's Vision: Reduction of Neighborhood Crime and the Overall Associated Costs of Incarceration to Society.

OMNUM's Mission: OMNUM is a nationwide federally recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charitable Public Service Organization whose Mission is to Reduce Neighborhood Crime and Recidivism by Promoting the Productive Reintegration into Society of Law-Abiding Tax-Paying Drug and Alcohol Free Ex-Offenders and parolees. This is accomplished by coordinating private, community, local, state, federal and spiritual resources; and by providing a stable, self-sustaining and scalable one-stop comprehensive services delivery system of those resources through charitable social programs and gateway services. All facets of the community will be utilized to evaluate and provide the ex-offender with the necessary programs and resources, employment services and jobs, meaningful counseling, educational-vocational training and oversight; along with reentry processes that empower and reinforce the message of accountability and individual responsibility.

OMNUM reduces neighborhood crime by providing jobs, housing, training, spiritual guidance, hope and a new future for the ex-offender!

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