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About Us

The Marble Collection is the first magazine of the arts to cater solely to Massachusetts high school students. The magazine boasts the finest student works of literature, art, music, and video.

TMC Mission: To improve academic performance & achievement among Massachusetts secondary students, including those with limited access to educational resources, by implementing a biannual print & digital publication of the arts, which includes student works of literature, art, music, & video; to enhance the educational & social development of all students by creating an online venue that promotes an exchange within the humanities sector while encouraging the practice of safe social networking skills; to familiarize students with the editorial process within the realm of professional publishing; to expose students to postsecondary academia options through beneficial advertisements; to distribute classroom bundles of 25 magazines biannually to all Massachusetts secondary schools, allowing students to review the work of their peers at the state level.

Status Released biannually in the winter & the spring, the magazine is accessible digitally & in print. The Marble Collection satisfies the rising need for an online exchange within the humanities sector as our society increasingly depends on web-based media. Our submission guidelines do not include regulations in regard to material length, style, or subject matter. We offer formal editorial feedback to accepted authors, although publication is not contingent upon making changes to original works. Our web-based submission process proves trouble-free, charge-free, & waste-free.

Winter-issue Reading Period September 1, 2009 - November 30, 2009

Spring-issue Reading Period December 1, 2009- February 29, 2010

Financial The Marble Collection, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. This organization relies solely on grants, sponsorships, donations, & subscription & advertising sales to support the production of the magazine. We anticipate that future issues will yield greater participation & support.

For Massachusetts students, The Marble Collection is a multifunctional, valuable tool available for a modest cost of mere participation, dedication, & effort.