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About Us

In today’s society there are so many negative circumstances hindering individuals of all ages from experiencing a fulfilling life. Building You! Inc. is a newly formed nonprofit organization that aims to equip targeted populations with the necessary tools to withstand and overcome negative circumstances hindering their lives from productivity.

With the statement “It takes a village”, in mind; Building You! Inc. is a direct response to the growing number of individuals who feel they cannot overcome the negative circumstances surrounding them. Our goal is to identify those who are going through a turbulent time in their life in order to offer positive support systems to avoid the pitfalls that are trying to derail their progression.

BY! has designed programs for youth, victims and adults who are finding it hard to overcome negative circumstances. Although the focus of each program is different, the ultimate goal is the same: empowering individuals to make positive changes in their thinking and actions in order to experience a progressive life. Each program features its own mission, goals, activities, one to one counseling sessions, and aftercare services- designed to help our targeted populations rise above the negativity that is perpetually dictating their life course.

Because we are a new recently formed organization, we need help getting our company off to a strong start. We have yet to acquire office space, so all work is being done remotely. We are seeking volunteers in the following areas:

Board of Directors


Local Advisory Boards

Program Directors

Program Coordinators

Program Aides

Grant Writers

Volunteers will also have the opportunity to become paid staff members if they so wish. We believe in our mission. Now we need individuals to partner with us in our mission to help change lives for the better! Please send your resume highlighting your experience to: Please also tell us the area you want to volunteer in your email.