Hemstreet Foundation

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About Us

Our goal is to reduce the rate of poverty through indigenous technical and vocational education in rural areas in Ghana. as part of our mission, we look forward to bring economic freedom that will improve the standard of living of the African people.

As an organization, we look forward in sustaining by using agriculture. we will invest our energy and resource on industrial farming which will bring employment to these areas and as well  help sustain our community building project.

Our main focus on rural areas this is because we believe that to bring about effective change, it must come from the grass-root. The other reason is that we know the rural folk has acquired indigenous techniques that can be useful in creating a better community that will help improve lives.
Finally, as a social scientist and an entrepreneur, I believe tha natural resources and human resources are very useful in our
various societal settings. They are primary source that communities need for a social revolution. Investing in our societies brings a future of hope. Hope for the younger generation of our world.

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