YAK! (Youth Adult Konnections)

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309 S. Main St.
United States

About Us

YAK!’s prevention efforts are rooted deeply in promoting the positive and healthy development of young adults through meaningful youth and adult interactions and positive alternative activities. YAK! is founded on the fundamentals of the Developmental Assets Philosophy, as delineated by the Search Institute (www.search-institute.org). According to the Search Institute, youth need to have positive influences in their lives, including boundaries and expectations, goals and plans, and positive adult and youth mentors while serving their communities. Research has proven that the more Developmental Assets a young person possesses, the less likely s/he is to use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or to participate in juvenile crime and delinquency. For this reason, YAK! promotes safe and healthy lifestyles and activities in an effort to combat and deter students from drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, and crime.