Paws 4 You Rescue

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8717 S.W. 134 St.

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About Us

Located in South Miami-Dade County and started in April of 2007, Paws 4 You operates by sheltering and fostering to educate, place, and keep dogs safe from the threat of euthanasia and, more importantly, combat displacement of family pets with guidance and alternatives to surrender, such as:

·       Saving dogs from abandonment and euthanasia;

·       Providing needed medical care including, but not limited to, spaying, neutering, and vaccinations;

·       Providing a safe retreat/shelter with the end goal of adopting dogs into safe and loving families;

·       Educating the community to spread awareness of the aforementioned and grow its volunteer and donor base.

By helping individuals to nurture healthier relationships with their pets from the beginning, we can avoid such high instances of pet abandonment and abuse. Furthermore, Paws 4 You assists in finding homes by carefully matching owners to potential pets. In such a way, we envision a community where pets live safely and happily while enriching the lives of those owners who will care for them forever.