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About Us

Language Hunters Vision:

Language hunters spread across the world seeking and valuing language communities, honoring and respecting elders, and sharing language hunting skills with youth and young adults. We support the virtuous cycle of language revitalization, community de-colonizing, and cultural expression through music, art, play, and conversation. We change how people think about their language. We change how people think about the languages of others.

Language Hunters Mission:

Language hunting is both a game and a skill. Through our programs, individuals and communities learn to revitalize their heritage languages through conversational play. We coach communities to use these games to create and revitalize their speaking community. We help people use language learning to share the joy of connection within communities and across national and cultural barriers. Language Hunters staff and interns develop materials and approaches to enable grassroots language acquisition in community.

Language Hunters Simple Rules:

Keep it Alive!

Hunt Fluency

Start Obvious

Stay Focused

Setting First

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