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About Us

Mission: Can Do MS delivers health and wellness education programs to help families living with MS thrive.

A Unique Multi-Dimensional Approach

Our whole person, whole health and whole community approach to MS provides people and their support partners with a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of MS that addresses the physical, interpersonal, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects that are unique to them.

Whole Person

No two people are alike and no two people with MS have the same symptoms. We start where you are, equipping you with the personalized knowledge, tools and understandings to manage your unique condition and to set realistic, personalized goals that address your unique health and life needs right now.

Whole Health 

We’ll expand and integrate your knowledge of the physical, emotional, intellectual, interpersonal and social aspects of living with MS and help you address the aspects that are unique to you.

Whole Community

MS is a family disease and it takes a village to live your best life with MS. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive program for support partners and loved ones, enhancing overall health and well-being by addressing challenges that are unique to families living with MS.

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