SHE-CAN: Supporting Her Education Changes A Nation

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About Us

SHE-CAN aims to become a driving force in building female leadership in post-conflict countries. 

Why We Do It:
Many sources point to women as key to ushering peace, prosperity, and women’s rights in the developing world. Yet, repressive cultural attitudes and lack of higher education prevents them from challenging the system. Widespread change requires an influential number be given opportunities to gain the credentials and the personal confidence needed to defy the system they grew up in and thrive as change agents and role models.

Our Success:
We currently have 20 scholars studying at top schools including Bucknell, Oberlin, Smith, Haverford, Harvard, Lafayette, Lehigh and many more. This year we have selected 10 new candidates from Rwanda and Cambodia to help win scholarships, and have already formed 10 mentor teams to support them. A few of the Bay Area teams need more mentors. This is a great opportunity to join a group of women who are all passionate about women’s leadership and want to personally do something about it.