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About Us

Community Labor United (CLU) is a coalition of community and labor organizations that runs joint campaigns to counteract the growing gap between rich and poor, while highlighting the connections between community issues and jobs. Our mission is to protect and promote the interests of working class communities in Greater Boston by uniting our organizations and communities around a common vision and plan of action. Through collaborative research, leadership development and organizing, CLU brings together many of the strongest community organizations and unions in Boston to drive forward policies that promote equitable and sustainable communities. Over time we aim to create a new political power center in the greater Boston region, one that directly competes with the existing strength of the corporate community.

In 2006, CLU successfully organized to turn $2 million in contracts to repaint schools into union jobs, and skills training for young people. Currently, we are engaged in our second organizing campaign—Secure Jobs/Secure Communities—which links the struggle of security officers in the workplace to the struggles they face in their neighborhoods and demands that the largest commercial property owner in Boston set up a community fund to be invested in their workers and the communities in which they live. In addition, we have just launched our Green Justice Campaign, which is a state-wide effort designed to ensure working class communities take full advantage of and benefit from the emerging Green Economy.