Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation, Inc.

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About Us

The Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) exists to benefit the Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital (KVMH), a medical facility located at Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii. The Foundation provides assistance to KVMH, its programs, facilities, staff and patients, by purchasing equipment, constructing or renovating facilities, assisting in educational and outreach programs, assisting in research, and aiding in all other programs or activities which support KVMH. The Foundation carries out the foregoing by providing an IRC approved 501(c)(3) organization and funding mechanism through which the community at large may donate money and assets for the support of KVMH. The Foundation seeks monetary and other donations through private, corporate and other foundation philanthropy and manages these assets, and oversees respective disbursement of the same for the benefit of KVMH.