About Us

WCDS ( Women and children Development Society is commited to help women and children ontain access to life with independent economy, better education for children and life with all rights reserved

To improve well being of the poor/marginized women and children in rural areas through awareness education , vocation training micro-credit system and services.

Our Objectives:

To work for the rural disadvantaged communities, especially the women and children

To work for the educational development of the rural children with the focus of girl children.

To initiate and strengthen village level women groups and empowerment then therough means of non-formal , vocational and continuing education.

To work for the development of rural special people such as the disabled the or[hans and destitute , windows and windowers.

To work for the human rights with focus women's liberation.

To work for the protection and preservation of natural resources.

To work for the cause of children in especially difficult circumstancess.

To provide need based , people centred community health care.

To promote enactment of legislation and bringing about reforms in existing law as relating to matters concening women and their welfare and to work to wards implementation of the provisions, trough means of advocacy and lobbying.

To collaborate with national and international agencies that is concerned for the development of women and children.


105 childrens ( from LKG to First Standard ) have been taught in English medium , in the last three years.

750 children have been provided non-formal eduaction in last three years.

800 childrens have been provided with medical care ( from seven villages)

Through folk-media / cultural programmes about 5,000 rural poor/ marginalized people have been given awareness in various aspects.

Through organizing women in rural areas, about 20 women's groups or self-help group have been formed and are active.

Resources :

Through the years, WCDS has created a network of people and agencies who will help and advise them , implement their work . Some of these resources are Health Centre Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers, Government officers of the Education Department , School Teachers, Voluntary Action Groups.

WCDS ORGANIZATION Marur Village, Nagandur Post Periyathachur ( Via) Villupuram Dist Pin - 605 651 Tamil Nadu South India

E- Mail : wcds_ind@yahoo.co.in