Annenberg PetSpace

  • CA


12005 Bluff Creek Drive
Playa Vista

United States

About Us

Wallis Annenberg PetSpace™ is an independent charitable initiative of the Wallis Annenberg Legacy Foundation which strives to be a welcoming and nationally-recognized model education and animal care community center.


Opening in June of 2017, the mission of Annenberg PetSpace is to promote and strengthen the human-animal bond—as well as to foster the understanding and enjoyment of companion animals—in a fun, engaging and interactive setting.  The campus, located in Playa Vista, includes a vibrant, welcoming community center and will offer the following:


  • Animal Adoptions – Pet adoptions in residence-like adoption suites. 
  • Learning Programs and Events – Classes, lectures and activities held in indoor and outdoor training areas for people and their pets, which is open to the community as well as educational institutions.  Special needs outreach programs are planned for schools, veterans, seniors and the like.
  • Wallis Annenberg PetSpace Leadership Institute – The leadership institute will bring together civic leaders and prominent experts to promote and foster a national dialogue on human-animal stewardship.