Hilltop Children's Center

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About Us

Hilltop Children's Center is an internationally recognized center of early learning. Hilltop has been providing and promoting child-centered early education for children aged 2 to 12 for over 40 years! Drawing inspiration from the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, Hilltop's faculty engages daily in rigorous reflective practice - collaboratively designing curriculum and environment around the emerging interests and curiosities of children. 

Hilltop is first and foremost, a center of inquiry - for children, families and faculty. Our educators are early learning professionals dedicated to celebrating the wonders of childhood alongside children, while also deepening their practice with children through regular reflection and study. 

We are closely guided by our vision: Hilltop honors and trusts children, engages families, and inspires educators to create a more just and joyful world; by our mission: Hilltop is transforming early childhood education through play, collaboration, and reflection: in our classrooms with children, partnerships with families, and professional development with educators; and by our values of Learning in Relationship, Emergent Curriculum, Leadership in Community, and Organizational Integrity.

Hilltop's registered name is Seattle Institute for Early Child Development and is a professional development site for schools across the country and Canada.