San Francisco Energy Cooperative

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San Francisco
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About Us

The mission of the San Francisco Energy Cooperative is simple: create a greener, cleaner San Francisco while making the profits from that transition available to anyone. The transition to a world based on cleaner energy is going to take more than just good intentions; it's going to require that many more people make a personal investment in it. Like any good investment, it must pay well over time, and by pooling funds from many very small investors, the Co-op can put the resources of an entire community to work making alternative power, and return profits even for members who invest small amounts- renters, students, working-class professionals, or those looking for a place to make just a little money do good while reaping a profit at the same time- in other words, everyone who's cut out of alternative energy investment now. Membership purchases in the San Francisco Energy Cooperative are available for all California residents, not just residents of San Francisco. The San Francisco Energy Cooperative is looking for talented professionals in several fields: design, IT, database management, engineering, and sales. If you want to lend your skills to this exciting new project, contact us at info [at] For more information about who we are and what we do, check out our website at: