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About Us

Now in its 15th year, Adaptive Adventures provides progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve the quality of life for youth, adults and veterans with physical disabilities and their families. Our vision is to offer outdoor sports programs, equipment, and facilities which are universally designed and fully accessible to all people regardless of financial ability.

Founded by two individuals with disabilities in 1999, Adaptive Adventures is a regional and national leader in progressive individual sports including: climbing, cycling, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, and water-skiing, offering individuals an opportunity to increase their level of fitness and find their independence through sports.

After injury or recovery from a life-changing illness every patient goes through physical and occupational therapy to get back to a level of, "medical necessity." However, medical necessity is not quality of life. Adaptive Adventures provides specialized equipment and experienced instructors necessary for quality sport opportunities in communities throughout Cook and Lake Counties. Adaptive Adventures partners with rehabilitation centers, schools, other adaptive sports non-profits, and parks and recreation programs that want their participants to benefit from being active in sports, but cannot afford to or do not have the opportunities available in their community.

Adaptive Adventures is driven by the concept of all seasons, all ages, and all abilities. We endeavor to nurture and develop leaders within the community, who can also serve as mentors. Adaptive Adventures is recognized in the country as one of the most progressive in the area of sports for people with disabilities.

Certified experts and over 200 trained volunteers direct year-round sports opportunities. The programs offered are designed to meet the specific needs of clients. For example, Adaptive Adventures has developed unique programs specifically for children and young adults: Adaptive Sports for Kids (ASK) and for veterans: Adaptive Adventures Military Operations Program (AAMO).

Adaptive Adventures is affiliated with US Paralympics, Disabled Sports USA, and Professional Ski Instructors of America.