Standing Tall Inc.

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101 W. 116th Street
New York
United States

About Us

Standing Tall is an independent, non-profit school in New York City that provides the unique environment, experts, and experiences needed to provide non-verbal children with multiple disabilities a path of true learning. We serve children from birth to early adulthood.

At Standing Tall, our core purpose is to joyfully and lovingly help our students build bridges to actively participate in the world, so that they may…

  • Express themselves
  • Contribute their ideas
  • Actively participate in satisfying relationships with others
  • Live to their fullest potential

We serve an amazing group of students. On the inside, these children are like most children. They have bright minds that wish to explore and experience the world. They have ideas, thoughts, opinions, and dreams. They love their parents with all their hearts. And they long to share who they are with the world around them.

Standing Tall provides the unique environment and experts where these bright children discover their way out. They discover a path, using the abilities they have, to share their voice. Our students are here to give their gifts to the world.

We stand tall in the belief that every child can communicate and learn, and as such, we must offer them a means to do so.

This belief informs everything we do. In our quest to solve the puzzle of communication and learning for each child, we have built a comprehensive education system to bring to each child:

  1. Preparation
  2. Ready-To-Learn
  3. Active Learning
  4. Expanding World Knowledge
  5. Independent Learner

Our holistic approach, that blends the strengthening of the body, plus our innovative approach to helping students find access to communication, has given 100% of our students in the program for at least one year, the ability to communicate.

We consider this level of success profound; especially when many in the past might have said these same children would never communicate.

Yet this is only the beginning. Communication is the first important step to true learning. True learning can only occur when a child can embrace an idea as her own. Through communication, a student can wrestle with an idea, explore it, and play with it outside herself and with others, until a concept finally becomes her own. Through communication, a student can then become an active learner, able to seek out ideas of his own.