Association for Reconciliation and Development through English

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About Us


In 2002, a group of young people from northern quarters of Bujumbura particularly affected by war, violence, divisions of all kinds decided to meet in order to discuss ways and means of bringing young people together around the values of reconciliation, peace and development.

The meetings became regular and during the same year, they decided to create an English club.

They have found that the English language could be used as a tool that can easily attract young people and then reconcile them.

After one year in 2003, they created the Association for Reconciliation and Development through English, ARDE in acronym.

ARDE will be officially registered in 2004 and currently has 25 effective members and more than 150 sympathizers.


ARDE serves children, women and girls, old people, young offenders, drug addicts, HIV positive people, AIDS and war orphans, street children, poor people, autochthons, gays, lesbians and refugees. 


Contribute to educate young people for  peace, democracy and the fight against HIV/AIDS, promotion and protection of human rights and development.


Every young person has to become positive and daily useful to the society.


The law allows ARDE to intervene over the whole Republic of Burundi. Due to the very limited resources and because of strategy, ARDE focus its activities in socio-economically disadvantaged area of Bujumbura and Muyinga. These area still have scars of war and violence in the minds and behavior of young people and especially knows a great spread of HIV/AIDS, the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. In these area youth has been for so long trained to war, hatred and heavily armed.


Currently, ARDE leads the current activities:

English Clubs (Bujumbura and Muyinga), Interpreting, Teaching English, Fight against violence based on gender, raising awareness against HIV/AIDS, political tolerance, social cohesion, fighting against human traffic and fundraising campaign for educating 550 batwa children for Rural Burundi.


Since its inception, ARDE has the following achievements:

-          Free English teaching of more than 4000 people,

-          Interpreting with 3 partners,

-          More than 12 years of running an English Clubs,

-          Organization of several sessions on the fight against HIV/AIDS,

-          Organization of several educational sessions on peace and human rights,

-          Organization of activities against gender-based violence,

-          Organization of several mediation sessions,

-          Socio-economic assistance to 150 young people in difficulty.


N° 52, Av. Dorsale, Cibitoke, Bujumbura,

Phone : +257 253 498

E-mail :,

B.P.  852 Bujumbura- Burundi.